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Jon'Ric manicures are far more than a simple indulgence. They're nourishing, skin-refining treatments designed to reveal your softest, smoothest hands.

Take care of your hands

Your hands are one of the hardest-working parts of your body. They're exposed to the sun's damaging rays, drying soaps, harsh cleaning products, drastic temperatures and a lot of wear and tear. Plus, the skin on your hands is thin, which makes it particularly vulnerable to the natural aging process and a loss of collagen.

That's why it's so important to take care of your hands. We recommend starting at home – wearing gloves when cleaning and using soap that contains a moisturizer. You'll also want to use tepid water, as scalding hot temperatures are extremely drying. We advise our clients to wear a daily hand cream with at least SPF 25 to hydrate the skin and help protect against lines, age spots and skin cancer.

Beyond being gentle with your hands at home, you also need to nourish them with professional care. A regular manicure and hand treatment at Jon'Ric will boost circulation and infuse your skin with the lasting, protective hydration it needs to remain soft and supple for years to come.

Finish with an indulgent foot treatment

Conclude your manicure with an indulgent foot treatment and pedicure. We offer an array of pedicures, all of which feature luxurious botanical ingredients, an aromatic foot bath, gentle exfoliation, a healing foot and leg massage, cuticle care and polish. They can be added on to any other service for a pampering experience that's sure to renew your skin and leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

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