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The keys components of great hair are style, health, and color. A hairstyle that complements your facial features can bring your look to a whole new level. And the health of your hair is something that should never be ignored – maintaining strong, soft, and clean hair can be a challenge, but taking the time to keep your hair nourished makes a huge difference.

Now, let’s talk color. Some people love the natural color of their hair. Others may like to play around with different colors and mix things up every once in a while. Whichever you prefer, you definitely don’t want dull hair with a worn-out look. You want hair that has a vibrant shine and color that is rich and consistent throughout every strand. This is where CALURA Hair Color comes into play.

Unparalleled Results with CALURA Hair Color

The CALURA permanent shine hair-color system provides vibrant and beautiful results that last longer than other hair-color options. CALURA’s formula is packed with organic essences, beneficial oils, and keratin, so it helps to protect your hair and maintain its radiance while providing great color. The key to CALURA’s results lies in its unique and innovative CALURA Exothermic System.

The word “calura” is Italian for heat, and heat is exactly what CALURA uses to lock in hair color and make it shine. All CALURA colors are designed to heat up when applied to hair. The temperature increase ranges from +4C (+7F) to about +11C (19F) depending on the color being used. The heat opens the cuticle and allows for the dye to fully penetrate each strand of hair in order to assure full and even coverage.

CALURA Offers Maximum Color Without Damaging Your Hair

Harsh chemicals can strip away the essential oils from your hair and leave it dry, frayed, and damaged. Why put the strength and health of your hair at risk by applying hair dyes with damaging chemicals?

CALURA was designed with the health of your hair in mind. All CALURA colors are free of ammonia, so you won’t have to worry about irritating your hair or dealing with that overwhelming smell.

CALURA is also PPD-free. Most permanent hair dyes on the market contain a chemical known as paraphenylenediamine (PPD). While PPD does offer natural-looking and deep color, it commonly triggers allergic reactions, resulting in mild to severe skin irritation and inflammation.

CALURA is made with pure and organic essences that are gentle, nourishing, and wonderfully fragrant. Inside of every CALURA hair color, you can find:

  • Avocado oil
  • Pomegranate seed oil
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Shea butter

These oils help to nourish the scalp, protect hair from harmful free radicals, keep hair hydrated, and preserve the beautiful shine of your hair. CALURA also contains keratin, a protein that is essential for strong and healthy hair. The keratin will help to guard your hair from harmful environmental elements like sunlight and pollution while also providing the hair with additional support from physical strain.

If you want beautiful hair with brilliant color and a vibrant shine, contact Jon’Ric Austin today to schedule an appointment. We’re here to provide you with the outstanding results you deserve.


Add-on Services Menu

In addition to our signature, custom haircut, blowout and styling services, we also offer the following treatment add-ons to enhance your experience:

Root Touch Up

$60 (Root Maintenance for Dark or Light Hair to Cover New Growth)

Single Process

$65-$95 – (Single Solid Color All Over)

Partial Foiling

$95-$125 (Foils or Balayage Techniques)

Single Process x2

$125 – $155 (Base color with Two-Dimensional Color Added in)

Ombré/ Balayage Color

$135 – $165 (Gradual Fade from Darker to Lighter)

Full Highlights

$135 – $165 (Highlights &/Or Lowlights Using Foils or Balayage)

Double Blonde Processing

$110-$170 (Having to lift the multiple times safely to get desired level of Blonde)

Add ons:

Color Boost

$40 Adds Shine/Gloss to Hair. Can be paired with any of our styles

B3 Deep Conditioning

$40 (Adds Moisture and Shine to Hair. Can be paired with any of our styles)

Conditioning Hair Mask

$15 (Adds Moisture and Shine to Hair. Can be paired with any of our styles)

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