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Infrared Cocoons Austin

One of our latest and most popular rejuvenation treatments, the infrared cocoon pod offers a relaxing way to unwind, detoxify and boost overall wellbeing. It combines the therapeutic powers of infrared energy, massage and aromatherapy to deliver the ultimate total body wellness experience.

Boost Both Mind + Body Wellness

The skin + health benefits of the infrared cocoon pod

Our infrared cocoon pod offers an easy, pain-free way to boost both mind and body wellness. The cocoon pod (which resembles a futuristic tanning bed) harnesses infrared radiation to penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface, generating a number of therapeutic results, including:

  • Simulate collagen and elastin production to heal the skin, reduce signs of aging and restore a youthful glow
  • Decrease redness and inflammation
  • Improve circulation, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues which creates a radiant complexion
  • Detoxify the body and help boost the immune system
  • Soothe muscle soreness, increase flexibility and relieve chronic back pain
  • Lower cortisol levels, which increases relaxation

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