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According to some estimates, cellulite affects up to 90 percent of women. However, despite being extremely common, there is an alarming amount of misinformation available regarding the true cause of this condition and effective treatment options.

How to get rid of Cellulite

There is no shortage of cellulite reduction treatments available. However, some are more effective than others (and some simply don't work.) The only ones that we recommend include:

Strength-training. Exercise has an undeniably positive effect on cellulite. Lifting weights and building muscle almost always results in smoother skin.

Weight-loss. By losing weight and replacing it with lean muscle, less fat will push through the connective tissue. Thus, your cellulite will improve and the entire area will appear firmer.

Cellulite reduction treatments. A few non-invasive solutions have been proven to deliver visible results. One of the most effective options is radiofrequency, which is a skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatment offered at Jon'Ric Austin. It harnesses the power of RF energy to shrink fat cells, smooth cellulite and firm dimpled skin. More +

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Despite its persistence, it is possible to get rid of cellulite. Contact Jon'Ric Austin today and let us help you devise a personalized plan to achieve the smooth, contoured body you want.

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