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Step into a virtual paradise and prepare to be indulged. Reclaim lost energy sacrificed to a busy work schedule, pollution and stress. Surrender to elegance and beauty in our tranquil spa sanctuary. Our exhilarating spa treatments will whisk you away to a new level of relaxation, renewal and repair while improving your complexion, strengthening your nails, cleansing your skin and detoxifying your muscles. More +

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Today’s woman lives a busy, successful and thriving life, balancing family, work and adventure. Our med spa provides transformative treatments to combat the stresses of the everyday grind, as well as reverse the inevitable toll that aging takes on one’s physique. We invite you to explore our innovative body sculpting, facial treatments, medical weight loss sessions, hormone replacement therapies and facial rejuvenation with injectables and fillers, all designed to restore your ability to make a stunning first impression. More +

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Blow Out

Whether you’re attending a red carpet event, preparing for a wedding, or just going out on a Saturday night, our talented stylists can help you discover a whole new look and attitude. A current, dynamic hairstyle can reinvent your entire aesthetic, and we excel at providing you with the latest trends customized to your unique niche. We offer expert hair straightening, curling, perms, braiding, Brazilian blowouts and more.

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Burn Calories

In the past, shedding those extra pounds meant long, exhaustive hours at the gym, extreme dieting and even more extreme surgeries. Today, women are discovering that weight loss can be pleasant, stress-free and easy. We offer a variety of non-invasive, cutting edge weight loss therapies to recontour the body, slimming, toning and tightening your figure for a more youthful aesthetic. More +

Infrared Treatments

Exposure to low levels of infrared light helps promote deep cellular healing, boosts energy and performance, relaxes and renews mental outlook, and effortlessly detoxes the body. More +

Cryo Treatments

Designed as the next evolutionary step after a vigorous ice bath, cryotherapy is known to augment athletic performance, release inflammation, boost energy levels and kickstart a weight loss regimen. More +

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